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Age of Dazed.

Shot by Brett Rutkowski & LENNI
Starring Elise Zecevic
Makeup by Maddi Morrell
Assisting; Bec Andrews & Tarryn Choma

She calls out over her shoulder
as she returns to the sea,
“I will not spend my days as a muse;
I am not silver to be shaped,
nor clay to be reduced.
Sprout gills if you wish to hold me,
or wander the shores and weep;
no part of me was yours to bury
and no part of me you’ll keep.”
– Elizabeth Knight

Age of Dazed is a transportation to a bygone era of dreamy landscapes and sandy locations…
shot on our local beaches and surrounds, this collection is the perfect culmination of reality and dazed.
As always, vintage-inspired cuts dominate the collection, with a dose of modernism,
making the separates interchangeable to suit each body type and spirit.
Trance-inducing florals in our signature fits are some of the most sought after to date.
Sky blues, sea greens and tea colours, made to wear by the sea, lazing days in the hazy sunshine
paired over selected matching pieces from our swim line or with vintage accessories.
Styles to live in season after season.