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Crystallised. AW19


Shot by Brett Rutkowski
Starring Ruby Veliks
Styling by Lisa Stricker
Makeup by Maddi Morrell
Assisting by Rebecca Andrews & Tarryn Choma


Strayed from the known path, our deranged solo traveler has surrendered to the illusions of her earthly desires.
A tormented heroine in lush dyed velvets, clad with gleaming embroidery. Glittered power suits, structured silhouettes and statement prints that command the gaze of all who cross her way. She spends her winter days in the sunshine, admiring her life as a dramatic introvert. Forever digging for a hopeless sign of love…
This collection is for the luminous babes who dare to kick up some dust and blaze a trail slightly twisted.


Listen to our Crystallised dream soundtrack here.