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MEET: Annalisa, an artist from northern Sydney, who focuses on iconic and beautiful minimalism, 70s palm desert-esque still life and stark, empty swimming pools. Not only is her style super unique, she is a total babe and epic human too… After a few hugely successful shows, Annalisa is now on her way to becoming a hugely favorable creative of our generation. If you haven’t yet acquainted yourself with the work of Annalisa, dive into the link below:

Tell us briefly how you got to where you are today – life experiences/studies/ travels:
The most fundamental experience came from studying at the National Art school where I was able to develop the foundations for my future career and more importantly meet likeminded people.
It set to propel me into the art world- not that I knew it at the time, I wasn’t exactly a diligent student.
And travelling always refreshes your imagination- particularly big old New York.

What is your fave piece from our collections:
The Navy embroidered Rumi jacket and Muse shorts. A killer combination.

First concert you bought tickets to:
I think it was the Red Hot Chilli Peppers and I was about sixteen!

Staple item in your wardrobe:
Black boots in many variations.

Who is your role model/icon and why:
Its not very adventurous but it’d have to be my parents.
My father has been working solidly for forty years, and my mother is the most elegant quietly inspiring powerhouse.
My fathers ambition, and dedication to his work coupled with my mothers nurturing, and encouragement to believe in imagination; is where dreams are born, and executed.

Your ideal weekend would entail:
The ocean, my mates, margaritas, negroni’s, my dog, my boyfriend, wine.

Insta: @annalisaferraris

Store: China Heights