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Meet Bec, the first ever employee at LENNI and the biggest asset to the team. She interned for a while with LENNI whilst studying her applied fashion diploma at Newcastle and was currently sewing for a local children’s label. Soon discovering that Bec is one in a million & loves to get.shit.done – it was a no-brainer that she would become permanent here. Bec is super handy on a sewing machine and is always rocking up in the sweetest dresses that she’s created from bed sheets or pretty found fabrics.
Those little packages of love you receive, have been carefully wrapped by Bec & she always ensures you get your parcel FAST. We love her & wouldn’t be where we are today without her.

What is the one thing you love about working at LENNI?
Honestly, I LOVE everything about working at Lenni. But I think if I had to focus on one, it would have to be working in such a small, supportive, close knit team.

What is your fave piece from the upcoming Romantic Rights collection?
The Rumi dress in chartreuse.

The staple item in your wardrobe?
My RM Williams boots, wouldn’t go anywhere without them.

First concert you bought tickets to?
Hanging my head in shame, Nikki Webster.

Who is your role model/icon & why?
My legend bestie Tanayah. She inspires, motivates and supports me daily. 

Your ideal weekend would entail: 
The outdoors, my closest friends, a campfire and my dog Otis. 

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