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MEET: Sidney Teodoruk. A visionary, impeccably dressed and humble as pie. 
The Sydney based artist explores duality, order and chaos with a sense of tactful composition that
pushes and pulls – we just can’t seem to avert our eyes.


Favourite LENNI piece?
Void pants with Calcite jacket [as pictured above]. Nowhere near enough striped pants and silver jackets in the world. Lenni’s got it covered.
Tell us a little about your artistic process:
I always start with priming the canvas (or whatever surface I’m working on) with a single colour. This is enough for me to react to
how I feel about that colour and go from there, finding my way and developing a strong composition of reoccurring motifs and text.
Describe your work in just 3 words:
Bold, playful and strong.
Who are you? Draw it for us?
I am everything and nothing at the same time. I thought about how I would draw that and it nearly sent me insane haha.
If you had intro music every time you walk into a room, what song would it be and why?
I think it would have to be ‘I Wanna Be Adored’ by The Stone Roses because of the crescendoing and driving bass line building
toward something great. Can’t forget about those subtle little funky riffs amidst that too.
Us here at Lenni are obsessed with your sense of style, does your artwork influence what you wear?
Thanks Lenni – the feeling is mutual! It can influence what I wear but not as much as music does. The first thing I do when I
wake up is spin a record so depending on what’s on will always determine how I dress for the day.
Speaking as an artist, what is it about Lenni that you’re drawn to?
I feel that Lenni and I are quite similar in a lot of ways in that we are both taking influence from the past and putting a contemporary
twist on it. The past and the future coming together with a nod of appreciation to the rock n roll & bohemian culture that is, in my
humble opinion, timeless.
What are you working on at the moment?
I’m currently in preparation for my first international solo show in Seoul, South Korea. It’s titled ‘The Star Machine’ and opens Sept 18.
Where can we see your work?
Instagram: @sidney.teodoruk
Upcoming shows:
Marfa Gallery, Melbourne, Australia. Sept 6.
Dohing Art Gallery, Seoul, South Korea. Sept 18.

‘Before’ – acrylic, charcoal and oil stick on canvas

‘T.S WASTE’ – acrylic on canvas