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MEET: Cassie, the epitome of a LENNI ‘it’ girl and a force to be reckoned with in the modeling industry.
Not only is Cassie a true role model, she is helping stressed-out and imbalanced lifestyles regain control
by instilling coping methods, helpful advise and knowledge of mind and body.


Favourite piece from this collection?
I absolutely LOVE the black velvet suit with gold embellishments [pictured, coming with our Holiday
collection next month]. Fave!


If you could choose intro music, what song would it be and why?
Led Zeppelin Stairway to Heaven starting at 5.33.


What is your life’s mantra/what would you put on a billboard?
“You create your own reality.”


What is happiness to you?
I believe that the trick to happiness is the realisation that happiness isn’t something to “get”
– it’s something you can choose in each moment and doesn’t rely on external circumstances.
It’s 100% an inside job, and a choice. It’s finding out who you really are, and why you’re here.


What is success to you?
To me, success is finding your purpose or “Ikigai”, and living and breathing it every day.
If you are doing what you know you’ve been put here to do, then you’re already successful.
You’ve already achieved. And if you can build wealth off of that – great, it’s the cherry on top,
but not essential.


Finally, what is going on with you/your business right now?
 I’m so excited to say that my online mental wellness business Mind High Club is out there and
flourishing. My true passion is empowering people to live a healthy and happy life, and we do
this via providing the right personalized, expert-designed resources to transform people from
the inside out – including looking at things holistically with the mind-body connection.
We’ve only just begun but have been getting great customer feedback, hosting talks and
workshops, and have already created buzz and media attention! It’s the most rewarding thing in
the world to me to do this work. I truly see this going global, as it’s the way forward in terms of
caring for our mental health as a collective!


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