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MEET: Gabrielle Anise. The Texan raised, out-of-this-world Lenni babe starring in Highway Reverie by Dana Trippe, as she talks her tendencies for thick accents and all things funk.


 What is your favourite piece from Highway Reverie?
It’s very difficult for me to pick one favorite piece! The entirety of the Dawn clothing pieces are absolutely to die for! But if I really had to pick one, it would be the Dawn Playsuit. The faux navy blue suede paired with that 70s design is so groovy and comfortable! I’m a sucker for anything that is reminiscent of a past life!


Essential clothing item for long distances?
An essential piece of clothing for long distances, for me, is anything that makes a statement. You’d think something comfortable would be preferred but definitely not for me. I like to stand out wherever I go and when you’re traveling you are meeting so many people that it would be a shame to not sport your best attire. So I’d probably bring along a rad jacket of some sort. The Dawn jacket would be killer cuz it’s unique and comfortable!


You can choose two people, anyone at all, to be your co-pilots on a cross-country trip, who is it and why?
There is no way I would be able to go anywhere without my mom, especially on a cross-country trip. I know that sounds really childish but my mom is the raddest person you’ll ever meet, trust me.
Plus she can look out for me and she’s so wise and It doesn’t hurt that she always makes sure I’m fed. Second choice is kind of hard, it would be unfair to chose just one of my friends so let’s just say my older sister, Mia, cuz she is obviously my best friend. At least I have to say that. Even though I know for certain we’d get so irritated with each other I wouldn’t want to experience the bountiful splendor of the Earth without her.


What is your ultimate road trip track to listen to?
Oh man, now this is a hard question. But I’m gonna say any mix of late 70s Michael Jackson, Patsy Cline, Destiny’s Child and every funk song you can think of. Top of any road trip with ‘I Will Survive’ by Gloria Gaynor and you’ve got yourself the best moment of your life.


What is your favourite place to travel to and why?
Honestly I haven’t traveled a lot, I just moved to California from Texas a few months ago and I wake up amazed at the weather and scenery everyday. But let me say I would absolutely adore traveling anywhere that the accents are thick and the men are plenty. Currently planning trips to Ireland, Scotland, New Zealand and Seoul Korea. The first three for the scenery and the last one for the food.