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MEET: Jaz Meier, the creative behind 60s/70s driven graphic design business, Harley+J. This absolute sweetheart has won over an endless amount of brands (including us), musicians and collaborators ~ all because of the original and badassery work she dreams up. We have been lucky enough to work with Jaz on some previous tee designs, which have not-surprisingly sold out very quickly. Click here to see what we’ve recently restocked!
Dying to know more about what drives around in her mind, we have asked her some Q’s;

Tell us briefly how you got to where you are today – life experiences/studies/travels:
I really begun pouring my heart into Harley and J about four years ago when I was feeling pretty dam low. I was having a hard time and a few things in my personal life had come undone. I really needed something to focus on and Harley and J became my perfect outlet. You can see if you go back far enough how much darker my style was, from there I started to get emails from Bands ( mostly stoner/doom) asking for quotes for posters, album covers etc and from there its just really evolved ( Slowly with a whole heap of hard work).
Prior to that I worked for a company called Acme Merchandising doing t-shirt designs for Harley-Davidson, another reason I had so much energy for Harley and J was because I was SO sick of drawing Motorbikes, skulls and flames. My freelance was a chance for me to get more in touch with my feminine side. 

What is your fave piece from our collections:
My favourite piece ever is everything in the Dahlia merigold print you did a few years ago. I have four different pieces! And from the latest collection I’ve added my fav in the image, its so lush and beautiful [the Rumi dress in chartreuse].

The staple item in your wardrobe:
My Flares, the denim, cord, black, cotton, all of them <3 

First concert you bought tickets to:
Taste of Chaos when I was obsessed with The Used

Who is your role model/icon & why:
I love badass babes like Grace Jones and Eartha Kitt. I love their confidence and belief in themselves and their all round power.  In the art world I look up to clever, driven talented women like Caitlin Mattison, Vanka Vukelic (merakilabbe on Instagram), Amie Luczkowkski-Gibson (Franki_e on instagram) again; women who believe in themselves and have created this special little world that is uniquely theirs.

Your ideal weekend would entail:

A surf with my boyfriend in the morning and then a boozy late lunch with my girl friends, ideally all camping in the bush!

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