MEET: Nirrimi

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Meet: Nirrimi, an excruciatingly talented photographer, writer and creative of all sorts.
You know those people you began to follow on blogger (when it was a thing) from the very beginning? Nirrimi is one of those people who I have thoroughly enjoyed to follow and watch grow over the years. She writes like no-other, drawing inspiration on life experiences with such honest, humble elegance. Every word keeps us wanting more and every photograph has us inspired.

Tell us briefly how you got to where you are today – life experiences/studies/travels:
I fell in love with photography at thirteen and left highschool and my hometown to chase my dreams. I was signed to an agency and flying around the world shooting for labels and musicians by sixteen. I started my blog and began writing really openly and honestly about my life. I had my daughter at nineteen and stepped even more into my vulnerability. I live on the west coast of Australia now with my little family, I still write and take photographs every day and I wouldn’t change it for the world.

What is your fave piece from any of our collections:
Embroidered velvet everything.

The staple item in your wardrobe:
A lace tee shirt. American Apparel sent it to me to photograph many years ago and though it’s been through the wash many times and worn all over the world, the lace is still somehow perfect.

First concert you bought tickets to:
It was a long time before I ever bought a concert ticket myself because I’d always go to my friend’s gigs or get in for free because I’m a photographer. I’m going to guess and say The Bahamas.

Who is your role model/icon & why:
My partner, because day in and day out I watch him tirelessly chasing his dreams. I see the sweat and the blood and the sacrifice and it inspires me to work harder.

Your ideal weekend would entail:
Markets and cooking. A roadtrip with a good playlist and great friends. Getting tipsy. The ocean. Netflix and vegan Ben & Jerry’s. A late night writing session. My little family all cuddling in bed.