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MEET: Muzzy Stardust, the Polish creator and ethereal enchantress who recently curated a shoot featuring our navy scarf Ladytron separates.
We had the privilege of not only receiving these insanely beautiful film shots from Muzzy, but also got to ask her a few hard-hitters. See below!
What you do:
I’m an artist. I love to express myself through photography, music, clothing. I’m the owner, designer & vintage buyer behind Fantasia Superstar.
We design groovy crochet clothing inspired by the wonderful psychedelic 1960’s & 1970’s era + sell unique vintage treasures.
Favourite piece from our collections?
I’m absolutely obsessed with your Desires Dress from “The Killing Moon” collection. It’s such a iconic Lenni piece! I also truly adore all the
Navy Scarf designs. They’re so magical!
If you could choose intro music to your life, what song would it be and why?
Maybe “Party Seacombe” by George Harrison from “Wonderwall” movie soundtrack. It’s such a dreamy, trippy, colorful and weird tune…
Btw. the complete soundtrack is fantastic!
What is your life’s mantra/what would you put on a billboard?
‘To thine own self be true’.
What is happiness to you?
Happiness is to know who you are, what you are, what is the purpose of life. It comes when you have this trust that
This is me and that is enough.
What is success to you? 
For me, success is to live creatively without chaos.
Finally, what is going on with you/your business right now?
I’m working on a new magical collection for my “Fantasia Superstar” label which features some of  my favourite things: bright,
psychedelic colors, bell sleeves, lace-ups, rainbows. I want every piece to look like a dream.
You can follow her on ig here:
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