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Press Play – Prelude:

Standing tall in the hall of Hollywood theatre, new-wave girlband, Darkhearts set to the stage cloaked by a sheet of smoke. Alex Foxx and Neve Gun’s silouhettes emerged to the crowd like two ethereal entities robed in double flair, dancing with a thirst for the beat. The atmosphere was thick and everyone knew that history was being made.

Introducing, ‘Press Play’, a homage to badass babes, backstage antics and 80’s synth-fuelled melodia. Part one is the calm before the storm. Soft floaty linens perfectly clashed with sparkle, leopard print and new easy-wear cuts to take you from day to night, from poolside to front row. For the charming ones who will go out tonight, with a killer stitch to wear!

Listen to our ultimate backstage playlist here.

Shot by Brett Rutkowski
Starring Alex Ford + Neve Fogg
Styling by Lisa Stricker
Makeup by Maddi Morrell
Assisting by Rebecca Andrews + Tarryn Choma